A downloadable game for Windows

This is just a testing version and the game is currently on hold!

War of peace is a game with unique and new FPS/RPG Hybrid game mechanics. This is a prototype version of the game that only features the general theme of the game.


The story of the game talks about a strange power originated from the void that led humans to produce magic. The power of magic was miss used to wage wars and humans fill in hatred and despair. Only one who can find balance and endure hatred can save them. In the game you play as Nykean the one who hope to save his family and the world.


This game was developed by Game Hermits, an indie team striving to making games of unique stories, new and creative game-play mechanics.

The team is formed by college students and it's completely funded independently. The team also works for video games development's sake only and not for college projects.


- For Laptops' best performance, set battery to high performance while charging.

- We are going to work on the full version of this game based on your reviews. The full version will feature high quality graphics, new FPS/RPG game mechanics, full levels, and full story telling and cut scenes.


War of Peace - Prototype 454 MB


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I really like the theme and gameplay although I feel combat is little unresponsive. Maybe have the projectiles shoot out from the player sooner, if not instantly, after pressing the left mouse button.

Also when I press space I'm instantly teleported a few metres above the ground. If this is intended then I wonder if it instead teleported the player a few metres in the direction your aiming, like Dishonoured's blink ability.

Hope to see more, keep up the good work.

Thanks very much Gemi for your feedback :)